Hello Everyone!

I hope you're all doing well. I had a really good last week, and off to a good start on August as well. Tonight's farm jog was super extra magical, one of the farms had PONIES out in their pasture. Yes! Little precious PONIES!!! And the cicadas were deafening. I heard nothing but cars, and then turned a corner and found myself in the middle of a cicada jam band.

I don't have pony photography, but I caught the fluffy sheep mingling on film last week.

(Pictured Above: "Wait up guys!")

(Pictured Above: "Save some for me, sheesh!!)

That sheepy better get it together! Survival of the fittest, ya know?!?!?!?!

I wish I could live or work on a farm... in the meantime I treasure my little garden! I discovered my first ripened tomato which Octavian called dibs on, and I harvested some carrots.

(Pictured Above: First tomato)

(Pictured Above: Home grown carrots)

I put myself back on a low-ish fat diet. Trying to avoid as much sugar and fat as possible so I can stay in my clothes! Since I lost 30 lbs I had to buy all new clothes, and I plan on sticking with the new threads. My baking obsession has got to smarten up, and this is the start:

(Pictured Above: Low Fat Blueberry Bran Muffins)

Everyone LOVED the muffs, and the whole two batches were gone in a weekend! I was surprised, my husband didn't even consent to butter offered to his muffins! I highly recommend the recipe.

The KDG shop is on a roll. I think it's looking very pretty these days. I just love the newly listed cardigan, mostly because it's so comfy.

(Pictured Above: Knitty Kitty Cardy)

*Looks around* This place is so drab!! How about I hang up a happy yellow wreath to beautify things a bit. This wreath is fresh and new, part of a series of wreaths I'm building this season. I hope it can find a good home!
(Pictured Above: "Enchanted Autumn Stroll" Wreath)

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time,
Keep it Knitty!



6 Apple Pies!

Hello! How are you?

I'm still doing really well. Trying to appreciate life and make the most of every new day no matter what. This morning I started off with a run through Amish country, corn + ducks + horses + Amish buggies, blues sky, and nice weather (wasn't too hot at 7:30 in the morning). Octavian has been enjoying summer too. Here he is playing out back on our patio. He had a bowl of water and some old shampoo he used to give his smurf a bath... and my door.

(Pictured Above: Octavian washing  my door)

I made more zucchini + carrot muffins, also filled up my beloved heart baking dishes. I brought muffins into Nike, I hope everyone liked them!

(Pictured Above: More zucchini and carrot muffins)

I've been doing a lot of fiber work. I'm also knitting my Ishbel shawl, and looking forward to making a triloom with Jerome. Below are batts for a sock yarn that I'm currently plying.

(Pictured Above: Sparkling Pink Lemonade Twice Carded Batts)

I also have a new handspun sock yarn in my etsy shop and I dyed a new line of sock yarn sets, tea themed. I really love the new sock yarn sets I hope they take off.

(Pictured Above: Orange Spice Tea)

Today I made 6 apple pies! I didn't expect to get so many little pies out of one bag of apples! I followed Betty Crocker for the filling, and my usual crust. The nutmeg smells BANGIN, makes me crave Autumn so badly.

(Pictured Above: Apple Pies)

(Pictured Above: Octavian's slice)

Lastly, here's a photo showing off my cammo smile (my teeth are still broken) and my 1 year 5 month old dreadlocks.

Keep it Knitty!

Very Satisfying Day


I had a very satisfying day! I made potato salad, slow cooker chicken, and a strawberry pie. Nom nom nom.

(Pictured Above: My Old Fashioned Strawberry Pie)

Octavian is so cute!! Look at him enjoying his dessert.

(Pictured Above: nom nom nom Save room for pie!)
We had a beautiful summer rain. Oc was napping so I got to fully enjoy the peaceful moment.

(Above Video: A summer rain)

After a lot of cleaning + laundry + my pilates video, I finished my first fiber dyeing session in months! Fresh green.

(Pictured Above: Fresh green wool + alpaca)
Tomorrow is a brand new day. I work @ Nike, and I feel very refreshed and ready to start  my little work week. Hopefully I can bring in some carrot muffins to share? Yum!

(Pictured Above: Octavian + me, today)

Keep it Knitty!


Gardens, Needles, Ovens


Where to begin? I guess I'll start at the zucchini. I had one successful zucchini growth in my garden so far, and I used it wisely! I put half into some muffins (click for recipe), and the other half I put into a garden grown mint chicken pasta salad. So. Yum.

(Pictured Above: Shredded freshly picked zucchini)

(Pictured Above: Zucchini Carrot Muffins)

I've also been keeping up on my spinning and knitting! I finished two more yarns since I last blogged, and I'm knitting daily on my Ishbel. I want to mention that Laila's Tour de Fleece team has really helped push me back into spinning, I'm so thankful for that! Did you know I didn't spin or knit for about 6 months? 2009 really... erm... kicked my ass, and then the ass kicking continued into 2010. Although, ever since I fell on my face I've been doing a lot better haha. I guess I figured now or never, and found a way to pull myself together finally.

As a side note, I'll just update everyone who doesn't know: My teeth are getting work done on Sept 1st, and then I'll be able to get an appointment for caps which will be at least another month out. So I'll be stuck with this Sookie smile for a while. I'll try to put on a happy face and snap a pic with my cammo-grin (I can hide the yucky parts when I try lol). I don't look so bad when I put on a ton of makeup (to cover up the bright pink scar) and focus on cammo-grinning. I've actually been really depressed about my pirate face, and thus have been slacking on my work outs. But I think I've come to terms with the whole thing, and I plan on getting back into my exercise routine again tomorrow. Either way I'm still in the best shape of my life. Those pilates videos gave me abs + biceps! Even when I'm a lazy fatso I still seem to keep a decent figure. Now I know why people exercise. haha

(Pictured Above: Tranquility)


(Pictured Above: Strawberry Peach Cobbler)

I'm really excited for Fall... imagine that?! It's only the perfect season for a yarn girl like myself! Plus it's little Octavian's birthday month in October. I felt like my door needed a little sprucing up, so I made a new Autumn-cheersome wreath. I know I still have a month or two, but I want to be ultra prepared for this year's brisk - bright colored leafy season. I want to savor every moment I can get, and that includes prep!

(Pictured Above: Autumn cheersome!)

Wreath is made with organic cotton from Holly of MissHawklet + handspun brown wool yarn from FroggyFibers + my own hand dyed farm wool + garden twine.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow! I plan on baking a strawberry pie, making potato salad, and a slow cooker chicken recipe just for starters. Well take care everyone. May your gardens grow, your needles knit, and your ovens bake!

Keep it Knitty,

Not dead yet.

Hello Everybody! =)

I'm finally feeling alive again. I'm not dead yet. It was so hard getting over everything that's been holding me back this year (yes since New Year's Eve). Random road blocks one after another... chipped away at me until I totally lost my sanity. After I smashed my face I knew I had to pick up the pieces now or never. So I tried REALLY REALLY REALLY hard this past week, and even though I have a busted grill + scabby mouth I feel like a new woman.

I finished a new yarn, and am getting back to my fiber roots. Enchanted Forest handspun.

(Pictured Above: Enchanted Forest handspun)

I'm really inspired to pick up the pieces and move on from the 2009 knit drama. Get rid of the painful memories and start fresh. I'm hoping to get together a virtual knitting group since most of you aren't in my area. Let me know if you're interested, and what your availability would be. We'd use some sort of video chat program. I've used Google video chat for one on one chats, and a few other programs. I'm thinking skype? I'm sure there's a way to do it on Skype.

I'm posting here again, in one of Laila's fiber groups! (They're the most fun.)

I couldn't have gotten my mental health back without my cheerful little garden! We had a heat wave, and then a massive storm, which produced lots of exciting green nooks and crannies!

(Pictured Above: Some little pom pom type flowers that I grew from seed)

I was so delighted to see some zucchini + tomatoes start to pop up! Carrots are growing steadily as well.
You can see more pictures of my garden here on Facebook.

I just love the charming little turtle I found at a yard sale for .10 I don't regret taking him home one bit!

(Pictured Above: Front of my herb garden)

Thanks to everyone who sent me zucchini recipes on Facebook. They're all so inspiring. I'm going to make some sort of baked bread or cake with the first one. I want to do a pasta dish as well. If any of you - my blog readers have any suggestions, please leave a comment with a recipe for either carrots, zucchini, or tomatoes.

Otherwise I've been keeping fit with the lovely Ellen Barrett. I've done the same video about 15 times (at least!) and I love it. I can finally jump around without feeling like a complete klutz. Here is the one I like. It really does work!

Be sure to keep up on the new True Bloods! I'm so thankful that Bill is finally showing some depth. He's so irritating in the books, and they make him out to be so bangin in the TV series.

I'll leave you with a picture of my little darling playing with his friend Junior. Octavian is so big, unbelievable.

(Pictured Above: Junior + Octavian yesterday)

Oh! I still have a ton of Nike Outlet friends + family coupons, if you're local and would like one - leave me a comment. They're 30% off your purchase at the end of July.

Keep it Knitty!


So, doods. I think I have to pay to upgrade my livejournal AND I have a bill to pay for my website... until I can get that all together (I have a really sweet links page on my KDG .com site) Please take a looksy at my friend Jonathan's band.


Or here on Facebook.... Kviza on Facebook

Thanks to all who have been thinking of me. I'm doing better.

Love you guys!

Not okay, But trying, Silver Linings.

I keep thinking I'm okay, that it's over. Or I'm going to be okay soon. But I'm not not not.

Anyway... here are the silver linings. Forcing myself to post. Like I've been pushing myself at everything else.

(Pictured Above: Yarn I'm working on)

(Pictured Above: Shoes I got for free)

(Pictured Above: Shoes I got for almost-free)

(Pictured Above: Octavian and Baba yesterday)

(Pictured Above: My gardens)

See the whole photo journal here on my facebook, most pictures taken yesterday.

Okay, well Keep on keepin on, since I haven't been knitty at all.


I'm back doods.

Hello! It's been a long time... been getting myself together. Spent a few days in the hospital (depression, losing 33 lbs in a month...) and just couldn't handle very much. Then I felt so overwhelmed... hopeless... guilty... didn't know where to start since I've been "gone" so long. Gone from a lot of things.

I'll just give you a bit of an update... the good stuff, because for my blog's sake that's all that really matters.

Octavian let Edgar go (I don't even want to talk about it) So we bought these cute little parakeets, that we can actually play with! Caesar and Claudine (after the Sookie Stackhouse book's fairy).
I love them bunches and bunches.

(Pictured Above: Our new birds, Caesar is in the front)

Next, the front of our rented townhouse. First time I have been able to garden, I have a rock-herb garden in the front, and a veggie garden in the back. I used logs and moss instead of a fence, and I made the wreath.

(Pictured Above: My first real garden)

I just recently got ready to start KDG again. But in the meantime, I've been making gifts still. I made my friend Abbey these shoes and a wreath. The shoes have a lion (her second choice) and some Nikes on the rug, because we're both in the "Nike fam".

(Pictured Above: Abbey's birthday shoes)

Lastly, I'll leave you with Folk the Park. I went to this all evening show yesterday with Octavian and had the best time!

(Pictured Above: Octavian and me @ Folk the Park)

If you have ever seen me working at the Nike outlet you know I like to "shake it girl". So I wasn't shy at Folk the park!


(Pictured Above: Dancey Dance.)

To see more about Folk the Park, there's like 10003973 pictures... go here   or Jonathan's site: here

Okay. Otherwise, I'm proud to say I'm a steady 105 lbs. sometimes... 103... but I have been exercising every day. I do 80 crunches, run for 5 minutes, and then a few sets of arm pully things. I have netflix all ready to go, for some DANCE DANCE videos. I can't wait to bust a move. I know my biggest issue is my self esteem, I need to tuffin up. Fake it til I make it. and I am trying.... I'm also trying to be happy being alone by myself, not being so needy. Not being vulnerable. and trying to think more clearly before I act.

I hope you're all setting and working on your own goals. I'll try to keep up on my blog and artwork like I used to from here on in... Thank you for sticking by me, and for all of your support. (Thank you Rachel of ontheround!!!)

Keep it Knitty,

Cheer up Butter Cup

Hello Everyone!

Gosh. Well, let's see. I don't even know what to tell you KDG blog readers. My life is so jacked up right now... but it seems like being negative or sad doesn't help anything. So I've been trying to enjoy myself as much as possible, and not let anyone get me down. Such a hard task, but it works for me. I'm staying confident in myself. I usually say I'm a "weird" person, but no. I'm unique. I am unique, and I'm good at sales, talented in most creative visual arts, and I'm so lucky to have a family no matter how bad things get.

Every day I wake up and try my best. Every day is a new day. Fresh as a daisy.

I am accepting people for who they are, and am trying to make smart choices, and good friends.

I've been so upside down lately. With any free time I use it to fix up our new apartment. So, now I'll at least show you some pretty pictures of our new place! There's definitely a lot more we want to do with our space but so far so cute! (I stayed up late last night sanding the coffee table, and I have to stain or spray a few pieces of furniture)

(Pictured Above: Living Room, Pre sanded coffee table)
The couches we got on craigslist for $50 and they are in perfect retro condition. The quilts and misc. pillows I thrifted. Two of the pillows were made by http://happysilence.etsy.com 

(Pictured Above: Another angle of the first floor)

(Pictured above: Just another look at the first floor, Edgar by the window)
There is room for a big piece of art above our dining table. Our set of 4 Ikea chairs we bought on craigslist for $50 by the way! We're looking forward to shopping at the Art Star Bazaar together for art and other things. It's near my birthday anyway.


(Pictured Above: Awesome sarcastic photography above our couch)

(Pictured Above: Relaxing view from my bed in the master bedroom)

(Pictured Above: One of my arty closets, this one is most precious to me)

(Pictured Above: Just showing off my new
6.OMGs with hopes of learning how to skate)
I also filled up my Nike notebook, (a little moleskine I use for my schedule or whatever) It says "Hello! Have a good day!" "Rachel-Marie is awesome!" and "Who said that?" I keep this notebook, and a few other things with me all day, like pictures of Octavian, at work no matter where or what I am doing. It's a little emergency happy kit I use to keep my chin up when I get down.

(Pictured Above: My new Nike notes)

Well, Thanks for still reading. Right now I don't have many shoulders to cry on that I trust so I really appreciate you all. Love you!

Keep it Knitty + Just do it.

Lost 26 lbs, hairdo, and moving April 9th!


Sorry!! I'm still not back to my crafty self yet because we're moving on the 9th and everything is packed up, yayyyyy! But in the meantime here is some weight loss pimp. I was in a size 10/12 and now my size 4s are a little big! Wooooooot. I lost 26 lbs so now I just need to start toning up. I'm. So. Happy. I finally started losing that weight though! Sheesh!!

(Pictured Above: A smaller me)

(Pictured Above: A smaller me)

I got my ends trimmed because I don't want them to roll under, I'm going to condition them a lot to keep them fluffy and pretty. They're all trimmed up. Less bulky and easier to wear down.

(Pictured Above: 1 year 1 mo old dreads)

I got the pretty pixie bangs and some color from Wavelengths in Lancaster by the talented Mindy.

Can't wait to move...

(Pictured Above: My boys in the new place)

Okay well, Keep it Knitty,
Hope to get back on my "track" soon, thanks for stickin by me. Lover you!!!