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More Occytober, Boots + Food Pron


About time for a blog update! Sorry my entries are so long, but I can't blog too often. I make sure to update my facebook photo albums regularly and then compile my favorite things here on the blog when I get a moment.

In chronological order I will start here 10-8-2010, Octavian's little friend from the neighborhood, Maddy came over to play. I have a few really cute pictures of them both playing together, but this one of Maddy is just completely adorable.

(Pictured Above: Little Maddy)
 This is one of my favorite pictures of Octavian, showing off his Occytober spirit! Again, completely adorable. Taken 10-14-10. You can view Octavian's second round of 365 days here on Facebook.

(Pictured Above: Occytober)
 Now don't be jealous, but I got treated to 3 pair of new boots @ Bass + a totally cute pair of Jordans. Thanks Gregpa! Below are my favorite boots. Cowgirl boots inspired by my obsession with True Blood. Thanks Gregpa!!!!

(Pictured Above: New boots) 

The kids aren't the only ones playing in our front yard. We've got critters too!

(Pictured Above: Squirrel)

Now it's time for the usual Food Pron! These cream cheese bars are delicious, but very very rich and sweet. Just one is more than enough.

(Pictured Above: Cream Cheese Bars)

(Pictured Above: Banana Oat Muffins)
I made mashed potatoes from scratch for the first time. TOTALLY worth the effort.

(Pictured Above: Mashed Potatoes

Sugar cookies, absolutely PERFECT! Just make sure to bake them for only 5 minutes, and don't make them too thin.

(Pictured Above: Sugar Cookies with orange + vanilla icing)

 Breakfast is a sacred meal at our house. The best yummiest foods ever!

(Pictured Above: Pumpkin Waffles)

We tried something a little different to use up extra bananas. 

(Pictured Above: Banana Cream Pie Bars)

(Pictured Above: Carrot Burgers)

(Pictured Above: My favorite apple pie filling + crust)
As far as my knitting + crafts, I've packaged some orders + knit a few rounds on Jerome's socks. I haven't had much time for it all, but I ordered a new spinning wheel motor + plan to fit more of it into my new lifestyle. I'm definitely inspired again to create arty things.
Keep it Knitty!
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