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Updatey + Bakey


We have been keeping busy at the Tucker house. Octavian's been playing up a storm. Our neighbors have a lot of fun with him, and his friend Archer came to visit. Archer is super cute and welcome anytime!

(Pictured Above: Octavian playing guitar w/the neighbors)

(Pictured Above: Archer + Oc)

I've been spinning, dyeing, and knitting, nothing finished to report though! I've been knitting so slowly on Jerome's socks, shame on me. I've also been cooking, baking, and playing Peggle on XBox. Jerome has been fixing electronics, playing Peggle w/me, and eating my food!
We've been penny pinching so I tried making some pies with frozen strawberries. They were only .89 at Amelia's. The pies were good but not near as good as the fresh strawberry pies I made over the summer. The crust saved them. You could put almost anything in homemade crust, top it with whipped cream and it would be yummy. 

(Pictured Above: Overnight French Toast)

The french toast was AMAZING! My husband loved it so much. I used the syrup I made for the french toast on the ham.

(Pictured Above: Homemade Syrup Baked Ham)

I don't have a recipe for the ham. I just bought a super cheap, super duper frozen ham at Amelia's. I thawed it, poured the syrup and some brown sugar on top, and then slow baked it all day on low in my oven. Soooo yummy.

(Pictured Above: Ham and Potato Soup)

Then I used some of that ham in this potato soup! It's super filling and hearty, got rave reviews on allrecipes. I added farmer's cheese to the butter mixture, and then onion powder, parsley, garden fresh sage, and garlic to the stock.

(Pictured Above: Zucchini Cake)
The zucchini cake was BANGIN. The frosting is super yum.

(Pictured Above: Cherry tomatoes from my garden)

Oh and I briefly spotted a baby bunny in the garden! It hopped away somewhere but I enjoyed the flash of cute while it lasted!

That's all! Keep it Knitty!
Tags: baking, soup, spinning, yarn
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