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How are you? I'm swell. =) I sent a lot of you out there invitations to join my newsletter e mail list via Facebook. Everyone has been so nice, and I've gotten a lot of new members! (Thank You!!) I'm going to be focusing the newsletter on shop updates. This past weekend I listed some new fiber batts + new sock yarn.
I can't wait until the next shop update. I already have some really beautiful handspun finished for it, but I hope to have lots more! Spinning yarn has been such a comfort this week. 

I guess I've taken a little knitting break, only because I've gotten so much zen from spinning. I have a lot of knitting WIPs though, and I'm not going to let them turn into UFOs!!! Especially not Papa Tuck's socks living in my pink leather Bass purse.


(Pictured Above: Papa Tuck's socks)

Today had beautiful weather. I got to wear Leisl for the first time this year, that felt good - especially because I'm about 20 lbs lighter than I was in it last year haha. 

I had an interview at Verizon today that seemed promising so please wish me luck! I really think this one is a good match for me, but only time will tell... it was encouraging either way.

Well I'm going to spin a while + then watch a movie with Papa Tuck. Love you all!
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