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Hello Everybody!

Horray, two books just came out with KDG yarn in them!

Knit 1 for the Road by Margaret Nock
and Knit One Embellish Too by Cosette Cornelius-Bates
Both are available through amazon, you can e mail Cosy if you'd like to buy yours from her
(do it)

I'm still working on those skateboards for the Blank Deck Show, I have two bird ladies on one, and one cyclops monster bunny on the other.

We have a show on Saturday:
City Arts Market
308 East King Street
Eastern Market, Lancaster PA
May 31st 9AM-3PM

and I've been busy with the KDG shop and also my new shop, http://knittythriftygirl.etsy.com

SO. I have been very busy! =) I hope you all had a lovely memorial day! We sure did!!!!
Here is a pic of all of us before our trip to the county pool:


Octavian hated the pool. I went down the water slide like a kid! Zoey and Titan waited in line at snack bar for 20 minutes without any money. They ordered cheese pretzels, denied. hahahah Silly.

Take Care!

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