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Where to begin? I guess I'll start at the zucchini. I had one successful zucchini growth in my garden so far, and I used it wisely! I put half into some muffins (click for recipe), and the other half I put into a garden grown mint chicken pasta salad. So. Yum.

(Pictured Above: Shredded freshly picked zucchini)

(Pictured Above: Zucchini Carrot Muffins)

I've also been keeping up on my spinning and knitting! I finished two more yarns since I last blogged, and I'm knitting daily on my Ishbel. I want to mention that Laila's Tour de Fleece team has really helped push me back into spinning, I'm so thankful for that! Did you know I didn't spin or knit for about 6 months? 2009 really... erm... kicked my ass, and then the ass kicking continued into 2010. Although, ever since I fell on my face I've been doing a lot better haha. I guess I figured now or never, and found a way to pull myself together finally.

As a side note, I'll just update everyone who doesn't know: My teeth are getting work done on Sept 1st, and then I'll be able to get an appointment for caps which will be at least another month out. So I'll be stuck with this Sookie smile for a while. I'll try to put on a happy face and snap a pic with my cammo-grin (I can hide the yucky parts when I try lol). I don't look so bad when I put on a ton of makeup (to cover up the bright pink scar) and focus on cammo-grinning. I've actually been really depressed about my pirate face, and thus have been slacking on my work outs. But I think I've come to terms with the whole thing, and I plan on getting back into my exercise routine again tomorrow. Either way I'm still in the best shape of my life. Those pilates videos gave me abs + biceps! Even when I'm a lazy fatso I still seem to keep a decent figure. Now I know why people exercise. haha

(Pictured Above: Tranquility)


(Pictured Above: Strawberry Peach Cobbler)

I'm really excited for Fall... imagine that?! It's only the perfect season for a yarn girl like myself! Plus it's little Octavian's birthday month in October. I felt like my door needed a little sprucing up, so I made a new Autumn-cheersome wreath. I know I still have a month or two, but I want to be ultra prepared for this year's brisk - bright colored leafy season. I want to savor every moment I can get, and that includes prep!

(Pictured Above: Autumn cheersome!)

Wreath is made with organic cotton from Holly of MissHawklet + handspun brown wool yarn from FroggyFibers + my own hand dyed farm wool + garden twine.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow! I plan on baking a strawberry pie, making potato salad, and a slow cooker chicken recipe just for starters. Well take care everyone. May your gardens grow, your needles knit, and your ovens bake!

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