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Not dead yet.

Hello Everybody! =)

I'm finally feeling alive again. I'm not dead yet. It was so hard getting over everything that's been holding me back this year (yes since New Year's Eve). Random road blocks one after another... chipped away at me until I totally lost my sanity. After I smashed my face I knew I had to pick up the pieces now or never. So I tried REALLY REALLY REALLY hard this past week, and even though I have a busted grill + scabby mouth I feel like a new woman.

I finished a new yarn, and am getting back to my fiber roots. Enchanted Forest handspun.

(Pictured Above: Enchanted Forest handspun)

I'm really inspired to pick up the pieces and move on from the 2009 knit drama. Get rid of the painful memories and start fresh. I'm hoping to get together a virtual knitting group since most of you aren't in my area. Let me know if you're interested, and what your availability would be. We'd use some sort of video chat program. I've used Google video chat for one on one chats, and a few other programs. I'm thinking skype? I'm sure there's a way to do it on Skype.

I'm posting here again, in one of Laila's fiber groups! (They're the most fun.)

I couldn't have gotten my mental health back without my cheerful little garden! We had a heat wave, and then a massive storm, which produced lots of exciting green nooks and crannies!

(Pictured Above: Some little pom pom type flowers that I grew from seed)

I was so delighted to see some zucchini + tomatoes start to pop up! Carrots are growing steadily as well.
You can see more pictures of my garden here on Facebook.

I just love the charming little turtle I found at a yard sale for .10 I don't regret taking him home one bit!

(Pictured Above: Front of my herb garden)

Thanks to everyone who sent me zucchini recipes on Facebook. They're all so inspiring. I'm going to make some sort of baked bread or cake with the first one. I want to do a pasta dish as well. If any of you - my blog readers have any suggestions, please leave a comment with a recipe for either carrots, zucchini, or tomatoes.

Otherwise I've been keeping fit with the lovely Ellen Barrett. I've done the same video about 15 times (at least!) and I love it. I can finally jump around without feeling like a complete klutz. Here is the one I like. It really does work!

Be sure to keep up on the new True Bloods! I'm so thankful that Bill is finally showing some depth. He's so irritating in the books, and they make him out to be so bangin in the TV series.

I'll leave you with a picture of my little darling playing with his friend Junior. Octavian is so big, unbelievable.

(Pictured Above: Junior + Octavian yesterday)

Oh! I still have a ton of Nike Outlet friends + family coupons, if you're local and would like one - leave me a comment. They're 30% off your purchase at the end of July.

Keep it Knitty!

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