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Hello :)

I've been working on new tags, I think I've drawn 100 cats. I've also been fusing plastic bags together to make mailers. It takes about 8 bags to make a mailer. Here's a video, you can get the idea. Have any of you ever made your own packaging?

Pictured Above: Hand drawn tags

3 little updates

Hello! :)

A few little updates
#1 I got a perm!
#2 I listed some new size 4.5 knitty kitty shoes
#3 I made a new banner for my etsy shop

Pictured Above: My hair has some texture, yayy!

Pictured Above: I listed some new knitty kitty shoes

Pictured Above: My brand new banner

Thanks Loves!

I'm back! :)

Hello Everyone!

Since I haven't written a post since 2010 I thought I'd start out with a catch up. I'm updating you all on what I've been up to for the past year. I finally got my driver's license and I've been fulfilling my hiking dreams. I've hiked many Pennsylvania and NY trails including the PA Grand Canyon, Rickett's Glen, and Niagra Falls. I've also been doing a lot of gardening and crafting. We bought a house in 2013 and I've been loving having my own garden. I started knitting again, and plan to start spinning soon. Here are all of my projects: http://www.ravelry.com/people/SaveRoom4Pie
Here art the crafty items I have for sale at the moment:

Pictured Above: Some of my hiking and camping adventures 2015

Pictured Above: I've been gardening and crafting

Feels good to be back on livejournal. I've missed all of this. <3

More Occytober, Boots + Food Pron


About time for a blog update! Sorry my entries are so long, but I can't blog too often. I make sure to update my facebook photo albums regularly and then compile my favorite things here on the blog when I get a moment.

In chronological order I will start here 10-8-2010, Octavian's little friend from the neighborhood, Maddy came over to play. I have a few really cute pictures of them both playing together, but this one of Maddy is just completely adorable.

(Pictured Above: Little Maddy)
 This is one of my favorite pictures of Octavian, showing off his Occytober spirit! Again, completely adorable. Taken 10-14-10. You can view Octavian's second round of 365 days here on Facebook.

(Pictured Above: Occytober)
 Now don't be jealous, but I got treated to 3 pair of new boots @ Bass + a totally cute pair of Jordans. Thanks Gregpa! Below are my favorite boots. Cowgirl boots inspired by my obsession with True Blood. Thanks Gregpa!!!!

(Pictured Above: New boots) 

The kids aren't the only ones playing in our front yard. We've got critters too!

(Pictured Above: Squirrel)

Now it's time for the usual Food Pron! These cream cheese bars are delicious, but very very rich and sweet. Just one is more than enough.

(Pictured Above: Cream Cheese Bars)

(Pictured Above: Banana Oat Muffins)
I made mashed potatoes from scratch for the first time. TOTALLY worth the effort.

(Pictured Above: Mashed Potatoes

Sugar cookies, absolutely PERFECT! Just make sure to bake them for only 5 minutes, and don't make them too thin.

(Pictured Above: Sugar Cookies with orange + vanilla icing)

 Breakfast is a sacred meal at our house. The best yummiest foods ever!

(Pictured Above: Pumpkin Waffles)

We tried something a little different to use up extra bananas. 

(Pictured Above: Banana Cream Pie Bars)

(Pictured Above: Carrot Burgers)

(Pictured Above: My favorite apple pie filling + crust)
As far as my knitting + crafts, I've packaged some orders + knit a few rounds on Jerome's socks. I haven't had much time for it all, but I ordered a new spinning wheel motor + plan to fit more of it into my new lifestyle. I'm definitely inspired again to create arty things.
Keep it Knitty!

Birthday + Hairdo

How's it going? We're doing pretty good, makin the most of it. Octavian turned 3 years old. My baby boy. + I cut my dreadlocks off, now I feel like a grown up. About time, huh? 

(Pictured Above: Mommy's new hairdo + Oc turned 3)

(Pictured Above: Octavian's Birthday Cupcakes)

"Mama Tuck's Squash - Carrot Cake" (I used 3 cups carrots + 1 cup squash) I used these 2 recipes as guides:


(Pictured Above: Cinnamon Buns)

I used this recipe, sans the raisins: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Heavenly-Cinnamon-Rolls/Detail.aspx#

(Pictured Above: Fresh Pumpkin Pie)

(Pictured Above: Fresh Pumpkin Pie)

(Pictured Above: Aftermath of the Pumpkin Pies)


(Pictured Above: More Aftermath)


(Pictured Above: Super yummy biscuits)

(Pictured Above: Blueberry wheat waffles)
I used this recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Waffles-I/Detail.aspx

(Pictured Above: Banana Muffins)
Let me know if you try any of the recipes!
Keep it Knitty!

Updatey + Bakey


We have been keeping busy at the Tucker house. Octavian's been playing up a storm. Our neighbors have a lot of fun with him, and his friend Archer came to visit. Archer is super cute and welcome anytime!

(Pictured Above: Octavian playing guitar w/the neighbors)

(Pictured Above: Archer + Oc)

I've been spinning, dyeing, and knitting, nothing finished to report though! I've been knitting so slowly on Jerome's socks, shame on me. I've also been cooking, baking, and playing Peggle on XBox. Jerome has been fixing electronics, playing Peggle w/me, and eating my food!
We've been penny pinching so I tried making some pies with frozen strawberries. They were only .89 at Amelia's. The pies were good but not near as good as the fresh strawberry pies I made over the summer. The crust saved them. You could put almost anything in homemade crust, top it with whipped cream and it would be yummy. 

(Pictured Above: Overnight French Toast)

The french toast was AMAZING! My husband loved it so much. I used the syrup I made for the french toast on the ham.

(Pictured Above: Homemade Syrup Baked Ham)

I don't have a recipe for the ham. I just bought a super cheap, super duper frozen ham at Amelia's. I thawed it, poured the syrup and some brown sugar on top, and then slow baked it all day on low in my oven. Soooo yummy.

(Pictured Above: Ham and Potato Soup)

Then I used some of that ham in this potato soup! It's super filling and hearty, got rave reviews on allrecipes. I added farmer's cheese to the butter mixture, and then onion powder, parsley, garden fresh sage, and garlic to the stock.

(Pictured Above: Zucchini Cake)
The zucchini cake was BANGIN. The frosting is super yum.

(Pictured Above: Cherry tomatoes from my garden)

Oh and I briefly spotted a baby bunny in the garden! It hopped away somewhere but I enjoyed the flash of cute while it lasted!

That's all! Keep it Knitty!



How are you? I'm swell. =) I sent a lot of you out there invitations to join my newsletter e mail list via Facebook. Everyone has been so nice, and I've gotten a lot of new members! (Thank You!!) I'm going to be focusing the newsletter on shop updates. This past weekend I listed some new fiber batts + new sock yarn.
I can't wait until the next shop update. I already have some really beautiful handspun finished for it, but I hope to have lots more! Spinning yarn has been such a comfort this week. 

I guess I've taken a little knitting break, only because I've gotten so much zen from spinning. I have a lot of knitting WIPs though, and I'm not going to let them turn into UFOs!!! Especially not Papa Tuck's socks living in my pink leather Bass purse.


(Pictured Above: Papa Tuck's socks)

Today had beautiful weather. I got to wear Leisl for the first time this year, that felt good - especially because I'm about 20 lbs lighter than I was in it last year haha. 

I had an interview at Verizon today that seemed promising so please wish me luck! I really think this one is a good match for me, but only time will tell... it was encouraging either way.

Well I'm going to spin a while + then watch a movie with Papa Tuck. Love you all!
Keep it Knitty,



Hello Everyone!

I hope you're all doing well. I had a really good last week, and off to a good start on August as well. Tonight's farm jog was super extra magical, one of the farms had PONIES out in their pasture. Yes! Little precious PONIES!!! And the cicadas were deafening. I heard nothing but cars, and then turned a corner and found myself in the middle of a cicada jam band.

I don't have pony photography, but I caught the fluffy sheep mingling on film last week.

(Pictured Above: "Wait up guys!")

(Pictured Above: "Save some for me, sheesh!!)

That sheepy better get it together! Survival of the fittest, ya know?!?!?!?!

I wish I could live or work on a farm... in the meantime I treasure my little garden! I discovered my first ripened tomato which Octavian called dibs on, and I harvested some carrots.

(Pictured Above: First tomato)

(Pictured Above: Home grown carrots)

I put myself back on a low-ish fat diet. Trying to avoid as much sugar and fat as possible so I can stay in my clothes! Since I lost 30 lbs I had to buy all new clothes, and I plan on sticking with the new threads. My baking obsession has got to smarten up, and this is the start:

(Pictured Above: Low Fat Blueberry Bran Muffins)

Everyone LOVED the muffs, and the whole two batches were gone in a weekend! I was surprised, my husband didn't even consent to butter offered to his muffins! I highly recommend the recipe.

The KDG shop is on a roll. I think it's looking very pretty these days. I just love the newly listed cardigan, mostly because it's so comfy.

(Pictured Above: Knitty Kitty Cardy)

*Looks around* This place is so drab!! How about I hang up a happy yellow wreath to beautify things a bit. This wreath is fresh and new, part of a series of wreaths I'm building this season. I hope it can find a good home!
(Pictured Above: "Enchanted Autumn Stroll" Wreath)

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time,
Keep it Knitty!



6 Apple Pies!

Hello! How are you?

I'm still doing really well. Trying to appreciate life and make the most of every new day no matter what. This morning I started off with a run through Amish country, corn + ducks + horses + Amish buggies, blues sky, and nice weather (wasn't too hot at 7:30 in the morning). Octavian has been enjoying summer too. Here he is playing out back on our patio. He had a bowl of water and some old shampoo he used to give his smurf a bath... and my door.

(Pictured Above: Octavian washing  my door)

I made more zucchini + carrot muffins, also filled up my beloved heart baking dishes. I brought muffins into Nike, I hope everyone liked them!

(Pictured Above: More zucchini and carrot muffins)

I've been doing a lot of fiber work. I'm also knitting my Ishbel shawl, and looking forward to making a triloom with Jerome. Below are batts for a sock yarn that I'm currently plying.

(Pictured Above: Sparkling Pink Lemonade Twice Carded Batts)

I also have a new handspun sock yarn in my etsy shop and I dyed a new line of sock yarn sets, tea themed. I really love the new sock yarn sets I hope they take off.

(Pictured Above: Orange Spice Tea)

Today I made 6 apple pies! I didn't expect to get so many little pies out of one bag of apples! I followed Betty Crocker for the filling, and my usual crust. The nutmeg smells BANGIN, makes me crave Autumn so badly.

(Pictured Above: Apple Pies)

(Pictured Above: Octavian's slice)

Lastly, here's a photo showing off my cammo smile (my teeth are still broken) and my 1 year 5 month old dreadlocks.

Keep it Knitty!

Very Satisfying Day


I had a very satisfying day! I made potato salad, slow cooker chicken, and a strawberry pie. Nom nom nom.

(Pictured Above: My Old Fashioned Strawberry Pie)

Octavian is so cute!! Look at him enjoying his dessert.

(Pictured Above: nom nom nom Save room for pie!)
We had a beautiful summer rain. Oc was napping so I got to fully enjoy the peaceful moment.

(Above Video: A summer rain)

After a lot of cleaning + laundry + my pilates video, I finished my first fiber dyeing session in months! Fresh green.

(Pictured Above: Fresh green wool + alpaca)
Tomorrow is a brand new day. I work @ Nike, and I feel very refreshed and ready to start  my little work week. Hopefully I can bring in some carrot muffins to share? Yum!

(Pictured Above: Octavian + me, today)

Keep it Knitty!


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